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This homework club has made a great difference in my son's education. Mrs. Kristine and Mr. Henry have been amazing in organizing their educational plans and tutoring in a way that really helps children improve in their classes and overall skills. I feel very safe and comfortable knowing that my son is in good hands, and I completely trust their techniques. Thank you guys for all the hard work and effort you put into helping our children and making parents' lives easier!

from: George and Susan

I just want to let you know what a God send you and your husband have been for my son, Jack! He is thrilled about going to the homework club and getting his homework done and having such wonderful help. Jack, especially commented on Mr. Henry and what a fabulous tutor you have been for him. He feels he can understand the work better the way you talk with him and make it so much more interesting for him. I wanted to let you know my feelings and Jack's and that I appreciate your effort and patience with him. Thank you so much!

from: Jack's mother

I was very happy with the services my son received at Homework Club. He loved doing his homework at the Homework Club; mostly he enjoyed working with Mrs. Kristine. My son attended Homework Club for 4 days a week and always came home with completed homework. Mrs. Kristine always returned my call or replied to my e-mail right away, and was always ready to help. They make each child feel special and unique. I will greatly recommend Homework Club to the parents who need help with their kids' homework.
Warmest regards

from: Kristine A.

Hi mommies, just wanted to share this wonderful program that my son is part of. Although since 5 years old my kids grew up in LAs Best free after school program, in which a lot of school don't offer. However we recently became part of this wonderful program and couldnt be happier. Although Homework club is paid, the immediate and undivided attention you get from Ms. Kristine and her staff, not just as a student but as parents too....is beyond rewarding and promising for those who need assistance in schoolwork or just simply a program to be part of until you get off of work. Your kid is in good hands. They won't walk out of there until all their assignments and projects are complete and signed for.

by: Alla k.
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