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Homework Club Schedule


Students are welcome to enroll in Homework Club at any time throughout the school year. We offer support to our students Monday through Thursday. Students may attend two, three or four days a week for 2 or more hours each session. Sessions run between 2:30 - 4:45 p.m. or from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Homework club will not offer any out of campus field trips. Summer and winter programs are also available; please inquire within for the programs, hours and fees.

Homework Club Tuition

4 days a week ........$100.00($25 a day) ***BEST VALUE***

3 days a week ........$90.00 ($30 a day) ***DISCOUNTED***

2 days a week ........$70.00 ($35 a day)


Tuition is due on the first day of each month for the scheduled time. Tuition can be paid by cash or check. We ask that you please respect the schedule assigned to your child. We do not reimburse for absences. For more information, please see the heading "Absence Policy".

Arrival and Pick-up

To ensure the safety of the students in care, students will only be released to adults authorized in the application and emergency form by the parent(s). Identification will be checked before any student is released until the staff becomes familiar with the individuals who pick-up students. Daily attendance will be taken and parents will be notified by a text message to their primary care takers’ cell phone if their child is not at the homework club location by 2:45pm. Each student grades 2 and above are expected to walk to the Homework Club location as soon as their class is dismissed. For student’s k-1st grade, Homework Club staff will assist with pick-up from the classroom. Each student must be signed out by an adult identified in the Identification and Emergency Information form (LIC 700). Students will not be released to anyone not listed on the emergency form (LIC 700). It is critical that the information on the emergency form is current. If there are any changes, please let Kristine or Henry Demirchian know as soon as possible. Homework Club will not provide any type of transportation for drop-off or pick-up.

Absence Policy

Research shows that students who are successful in schooling are the ones who are consistent with their studies and the ones who have no absences and tardiness from school. One way parents can help in this matter is to make sure that their student gets to school on time and every day. It is asked that all students of Homework Club follow the same guidelines. It is very important for students to commit and respect the schedule assigned to them. At Homework Club, we do not excuse absences, unless of course the child has an infectious disease. Homework Club requires 4 weeks prior notification for absences, students will not be reimbursed if notification is given on a last minute. This is due to the limitation of our space and the restrictions of the amount of students we can enroll and attend to. When we schedule a student, we ensure that your student will have 100% of our attention and will have his/her spot with a designated staff member. We work hard to ensure the success of every child!


Homework Club is a place where students should feel safe and secure, and it is a place where they can become a part of our family in an unbiased learning environment. We do not allow or tolerate any kind of disrespect or bullying to staff or to the other students in the group. We expect students to be kind and polite to others with their words and actions. Good manners are strongly enforced! Our goal is to create a group of students who work well together and who are respectful. We will not allow swearing, stealing, fighting, or other misbehavior. Cell phones are not to be used during program hours. Cell phones must stay in the back packs or they will be taken away. Staff can be reached at 818-606-7658 for Mrs. Kristine or 818-624-7657 for Mr. Henry.


Students will be expected to use good behavior, as expected in school. Students who do not respect the rules and regulations of Homework Club will result in a conference with the parents. Students who do not follow the rules will have time outs on a “thinking chair” as a first disciplinary action; will be removed from the group to work alone with the director or the administrator as a second disciplinary action; last, the student may be pulled aside to call the parent explain the situation and be removed from the session by a parent pick-up.

Any form of discipline or punishment that violates a child's personal rights shall not be permitted regardless of authorized representative consent or authorization. Regardless of the situation, students will never experience corporal punishment, denial of snack breaks, or denial of restroom use.

Admission Policy

Parents may set-up an appointment or call for more information. To enroll a student, an interview will be conducted with the parent/guardian and the child. Parents must fill out an enrollment application packet before the student can attend H.C. A scheduled appointment may be set per request for a quick observation of the program.

A 30 day notice shall be sent to the parent/guardian of the child prior to any change or modification to Homework Club program, tuition, policies or procedures.

To ensure the high quality of our services, the Department of Social Services may conduct interviews with children without any prior notice or permission from the parent/guardian of the child, or Homework Club.

Termination of Contract

The contract may be terminated with sufficient notice to the Director of Homework Club. A 30 day notice is required if for any reason the child will need to stop attending Homework Club. However, the admission agreement shall automatically be terminated by the death of the child.

The contract may also be terminated by the Homework Club for the following reasons: student’s continuous bad behavior (3 warnings/parent conferences) including but not limited to interruption of class, bullying, disrespect to staff and other students.

Snacks and Breaks

Students will have a 10 minute break during the Homework Club Session in the classroom or in the school yard. Students are encouraged to bring a snack to eat at Homework Club or eat the dinner provided by the school “dinner at school” if applicable. Homework Club will provide a small snack if required (prepackaged non-perishable food items).

Medication Policy

Homework Club staff is not trained for administering ANY type of medication to students. Thus, medication will not be administered by our staff or stored on location.

Questions and Concerns

We encourage all parents to keep an open communication with us. We believe that effective communication is one of the essential tools to help a student achieve their goals. With proper communication we can better serve your child. We can be reached at any time during the day via email, at Kristine@demirchian.com, via phone at 818-606-7658 for Kristine or 818-624-7657 for Henry; we are also open to communicate over text messages or letters and notes.

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Please find the list of forms and documents

State law requires to have all of these documents in each child's file. Thus, we ask you to print these forms, fill them out and present them on the day of enrollment.

Thank you.

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